What are the most common materials for door handles


1. Aluminum alloy handle In the handles of various mate […]

1. Aluminum alloy handle
In the handles of various materials, it is widely and universally used. It is economical in price, strong in texture, and durable. Even if the aluminum alloy handle is used for a long time, it will not fade or lose paint. In terms of process technology, the aluminum alloy handle adopts multi-layer electroplating technology, which can make the surface of the cabinet door handle more refined and have good wear resistance. The aluminum alloy handle has a simple and elegant shape and good oil resistance. It is very suitable for use in the kitchen and is also convenient for cleaning and maintenance.
2. Stainless steel handle
Whether it is home improvement or workwear, this kind of material handles are still used more. One of its biggest advantages is that it will not rust, so even if it is used in a humid and water-intensive place such as a kitchen or bathroom, it will not rust. The stainless steel handle is elegant and durable in appearance, simple and fashionable, and the design is exquisite and compact. It is very suitable for modern and simple style kitchens.
3. Ceramic handle
It is believed that many users know that ceramics have a variety of patterns, a strong sense of luster, and good decoration. The ceramic handle is made by using the technology of making ceramics. Generally speaking, the ceramic handle feels delicate and silky, looks fashionable and generous, and its color is rich, suitable for decorating personalized home. In addition, ceramic handles have good corrosion resistance, and they also have strong acid and alkali resistance. They are suitable for use in the kitchen, but the price of ceramic handles will be higher, and they are used more in European styles.
4. Copper handle
Generally speaking, the handle of this material looks more retro, so it is used more in Chinese or classical styles. The color of the copper handle is bronze, brass, bronze, etc. Its color and texture can give us a strong sense of impact. The simple ancient charm of copper, the unique pattern treatment, every place is delicate Let us enjoy the luxury that combines classic and fashion.

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