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First of all, let's discuss a question: Can the quality […]

First of all, let's discuss a question: Can the quality of stainless steel handle be judged directly based on the strength of the magnetic absorption capacity? Can we identify stainless steel according to its magnetic properties?
We often encounter such a phenomenon, we often identify the stainless steel handle according to the strength of the magnet adsorption, and verify its quality. For non-absorption and non-magnetic, the judgment is good, in other words, it is not good to be counterfeit. In fact, this is a judgment that does not require facts. For today's rapid development of science and technology, it is a very disadvantageous practice to rely solely on traditional techniques that are not magnetic to identify stainless steel handles.
Since the quality of stainless steel cannot be easily determined by the naked eye, it is usually only taken for testing. If stainless steel is added with chromium, it can directly achieve magnetic attraction, but it is only a problem of permeability. For austenitic type, it is non-magnetic, in other words, weak magnetic. , Martensite, in other words, ferrite type is magnetic.
In general, there are many types of stainless steel handles, which can be directly divided into austenite type and martensite or ferrite type at room temperature according to the structure. The austenite type is non-magnetic, in other words, weakly magnetic, and the martensite type, in other words, the ferrite type is magnetic. However, it cannot be said that this is the case. For example, the austenitic 304 material that is generally used as a stainless steel handle is generally non-magnetic, but the chemical composition fluctuates due to smelting. In other words, different processing conditions may also achieve magnetism. This cannot be just judged as a counterfeit, in other words. qualified. In other words, the internal structure of 304 stainless steel will be transformed to Martensite transformation through cold working. The greater the degree of cold working deformation, the more martensite transformation will be, and the stronger the magnetic properties of the steel. On the contrary, it is impossible for 200 series stainless steels of average quality to be non-magnetic. From the above analysis, we can judge whether it is genuine stainless steel or not. It is very wrong.

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