Five common types of cabinet pulls


1. Cabinet pull classification—long tube stainless stee […]

1. Cabinet pull classification—long tube stainless steel pull

Cabinet Stainless Steel pull This is the most popular metal pull kitchen cabinet in the past 10 years. You will often see these classic Shaker styles on the doors or drawers of modern cabinets. This is a flush pull, so it won’t be scratched even if it is scratched to the pants or pocket of the clothes. Cabinet stainless steel pulls are the most well-known long metal pulls for kitchen cabinets. The structure of this metal strip pull is that both ends of the strip are directly connected to the cabinet with screws for fixing. Its design is derived from the modern kitchen construction scheme of Italy and Spain more than ten years ago, and it is still popular after years of testing.

2. Cabinet pull classification-flat pull

Although the flat pulls of cabinets look a bit clumsy on the surface, these flat pulls are popular with modern people because they like the square-headed lines. The function and purpose of the flat pulls of cabinets have many advantages, especially if the pulls on the cabinets are The recessed type will not scratch or get in the way due to protrusion.

3, cabinet pull classification-long wrench pull

No matter the silver pull of a small wrench or the black pull of a long wrench, it can make a big difference in your kitchen. The eye-catching black lines create a strong contrast of cool beauty on the tall cabinets. The channel-style wooden pulls are simple and generous, and the pulls are like a long aisle. If the cabinet is made of wood, then the cabinet and the pull are integrated to make the kitchenware light and beautiful. The hinged pull in the cabinet is suitable for families who don't often cook, the fingerprints on the pull are ugly and difficult to wipe, and the built-in pull always looks smooth and clean on the outside!

4, cabinet pull classification-stainless steel pull

cabinet stainless steel pull is the most widely used cabinet pull material in the cabinet pull market. The stainless steel material has the characteristics of non-rusting, stylish and compact appearance, smooth and bright, etc. It is loved by people from all walks of life and is very in line with the requirements of home decoration.

5. Cabinet pull classification-aluminum alloy pull

Aluminum alloy cabinet pulls are one of the most widely used door pull materials in the cabinet pull market. The aluminum alloy cabinet pulls are very firm, durable, and have a long service life. They also have the characteristics of never fading. In addition, multi-layer electroplating technology is used in the production process.

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