Two points to create an ideal staircase


The following two points will help you build an ideal s […]

The following two points will help you build an ideal staircase.

Select materials based on the overall style

Ordinary families generally use wooden footboards and wooden or iron handrails to decorate the stairs. The use of wrought iron or cast iron originated from ancient European countries, so iron handrails are more suitable for European-style home environments.

However, we will see that many people’s homes nowadays, whether they are placed in Chinese classical furniture or modern simple furniture, all use iron handrails to decorate the stairs, which violates the principle of coordination and unity of interior decoration. .

In fact, there are many materials that can be used to decorate stairs, such as steel, stone, glass, rope, cloth, carpet, etc. The proper combination of these materials and matching the style of the whole room will surely have a good decorative effect.

Wood: Wood is widely used in the decoration of stairs. The wooden floor sold on the market can be used to directly pave the footboard, and the handrail can also be made of corresponding wood. The characteristics of wood are nature, softness and warmth, and it is generally used by households.

Steel: In the homes of some more modern young people and artists, steel is used more often. The coldness of steel and the color of the material itself are very modern.

Glass: Glass itself has a sense of transparency, so it has an extraordinary effect when used as a staircase decoration. At present, the spray glass and inlaid glass on the market are very suitable for decorating stairs. They can be used on stair railings. A better way is to make the stair steps hollow, with embedded lamps and special glass. With the footboard, a luminous staircase appeared.

Design according to specific conditions

When choosing materials for decorating and building stairs, one thing that needs to be paid attention to is whether there are elderly or children in the home. Generally speaking, for families with elderly and children, it is best to avoid using steel and wrought iron stairs. The stairs should not be too high. The handrails of the stairs should be made of arc shape, without too sharp edges and corners. It is best to choose wood floors or carpets.

In addition, if it is to renovate the stairs of a small room, it should be noted that in a small room, the stairs tend to make the whole room look depressing. In this regard, some designers advocate the use of structural expression to conceive stairs. The main feature is that the stairs are designed to have a certain degree of permeability, so as to reduce the sense of space pressure and achieve the perfect combination of space structure.

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