European door handle manufacturers introduce the classification of handles


There are many types of European-style door handles, wh […]

There are many types of European-style door handles, which are differentiated according to different types

1. According to the material, it can be divided into many types, the more common one is according to the material. The material of the handle is basically a single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic. There are glass, crystal, resin, etc. Common European-style handles include copper handles, zinc alloy handles, and aluminum alloy handles.

2. Divided by style. Generally speaking, the handle can be divided into single hole round type and single strip type. There are also related product types such as double-headed and hidden. Different styles of handles have different decorative effects.

3. According to surface treatment, there are many ways to handle the surface treatment. The handles of different materials have different surface treatments. The surface treatment of stainless steel material includes mirror polishing and surface drawing. The surface treatment of zinc alloy materials generally includes galvanizing, bright chrome plating, pearl chrome plating, matt chrome, pitted black, and black paint.

4. The handles are divided into common specifications. The more common specifications are single-hole and double-hole handles. There are also different characteristics and advantages in the process of use.

How to select door handle manufacturers

1. When you first choose, you must make relevant preliminary preparations, pay attention to related research and demand analysis, pay attention to understanding the actual use environment and related needs, and try to understand the entire demand before making a choice, and make a reasonable choice.

2. Secondly, when choosing a manufacturer, pay attention to choosing a relatively large-scale manufacturer. Generally speaking, the scale of a manufacturer directly reflects a major technical guarantee for the quality of its equipment and products. If possible, you can visit the production base. Understand the workflow of the entire production line, and have a simple understanding of the company's overall working atmosphere and culture.

3. At the same time, we must pay attention to the choice of brand and see how the related brand reputation is. Before consulting the related wholesalers’ evaluation of manufacturers and products, generally evaluation is an important factor affecting reputation, and it is also necessary when we make a selection. Consider the relevant content.

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