Solutions for loose door handles


Fixed with the original master Generally, the handle on […]

Fixed with the original master

Generally, the handle on the door is very firm, and there is almost no possibility of slipping. If the door handle becomes loose or falls, just fit the door handle to its original position and fix it. Of course, if you can't install it, you can ask a professional master to install it for you.

Tighten the corresponding screws

The door handles are each a handle inside and outside the room. The door handle is off. Most of the screws are loose. You only need to see if the screw is still in the hole of the handle. If not, find the corresponding screw and tighten Too.

If the door handle is dropped, you can install it through the following steps:

First unscrew the three screws on the side of the door, the upper and lower two are used to fix the lock body, and the middle one is mainly used for positioning with the handle.

Then remove the two screws on the inside of the door, and at the same time, hold the outside door handle with your hand to avoid falling off.

Remove the handle and cover of the external door. Take care not to lose the cover screws.

Install the inner handle, rotate the screw hole to the outside, and then tighten it with a screwdriver to fix the door handle.

After installing each part, pull the handle several times to see if it is normal, firm and flexible. If it cannot be used normally, you need to check whether it is installed in place or replace the lock body.

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