How to fixed the carpet on floor and stair


1. Stable carpet stair road (1) Two fasteners are insta […]

1. Stable carpet stair road

(1) Two fasteners are installed in the female corners of each step and buried symmetrically with the center line of the width of the stairs.

(2) The distance between the hole wall of the fastener and the stair tread and kick surface is equal, and is slightly smaller than the thickness of the carpet.

(3) Cut the length of the carpet according to the sum of the actual width of the tread and kick surface of each step. If you consider replacing the worn parts, you can reserve a certain length.

(4) Lay the carpet step by step from top to bottom. The top end of the top carpet is nailed to the platform with a bead. At each step of the fastener position, cut a small hole in the carpet to allow the pressure bar fastener to protrude from it. Insert the metal pressure rod into the round hole of the fastener and tighten the adjusting screw.

(5) After fixing the carpet, fix the metal anti-skid strip to the edge of the positive corner of the tread plate after the carpet is fixed. The nail distance is about 15-30cm.


2. Bonded fixed stair carpet

(1) Cut the carpet according to the actual size, and use full squeegee to bond. From top to bottom, use glue trowel to scrape the adhesive on the tread and kick surface of the stairs. After properly drying, stick the carpet. Then roll it with a flat spatula to make the carpet flat and compact.

(2) It is necessary to scrape the glue step by step and lay it step by step to avoid laying carpets after scraping the glue for a long time.

(3) If it is necessary to install metal anti-skid strips, the method is the same as that of the pressure bar fixed type.

(4) It is forbidden to move people within 24 hours after posting.


3. Card strip fixed stair carpet

(1) Nail the barbs on the two sides of the negative corner between the kicking surface of the stairs and leave a fifteen millimeter gap between the two barbed boards.

(2) The blanket pad should cover the stair tread and cover the positive corner, and the width of the cover on the tread kick surface should not be less than fifteen millimeters.

(3) The carpet is cut according to the sum of the width of each step and the width of the kick surface plus the appropriate reserved length.

(4) The top of the top carpet is nailed to the platform with a bead, and then laid step by step from top to bottom.

(5) At each step of the female corner, use a flat shovel to tighten the carpet and press it into the gap between the three barbed bars on both sides.

(6) Reserve the length part, which can be stacked on the kick surface of the lowest step.

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The advantages of using carpet stair: from our point of view, it is beautiful, from the practical performance, it is strong and durable; traditional stair carpet laying generally uses the bottom surface glue and the special grade base rubber used for carpet laying, but these two There will be certain shortcomings. Although the glue is strong, when you lay the carpet for the second time, there may be ground glue that is not easy to clean; using double-sided tape can only be used for a short time. For a long time using glue, most stair carpets will not be strong. There are security risks.

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