Door handle wholesale selection items and material introduction


Common materials for door handle wholesale 1. Stainless […]

Common materials for door handle wholesale

1. Stainless steel: The surface of this material can be thrown into a mirror surface, which can be coated with titanium amide or PVD and other vacuum coatings on the mirror surface, or the stainless steel can be drawn into a silk pattern, and colorful paint can be sprayed on the surface.

2. Copper material: used directly after polishing, the product itself has the unique function of bacteriostasis or sterilization, or a layer of transparent paint is sprayed on the surface to protect it from oxidation. There are many kinds of electroplating on the copper surface, including bright chromium, sand chromium, sand nickel, titanium gold, zirconium gold and so on.

3. Aluminum: Mainly uses anodized surface, the surface can also use the effect of sandblasting, the color is sand silver or champagne gold, etc. The surface layer is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

4. Non-metallic materials: such as various types of wood solid wood handles, organic glass, marble stone, etc. The surface is finely polished, and the surface antibacterial material is used as much as possible.

Selection of stainless steel door handle wholesale

1. Choose according to size. Consider that the handles are compatible with the size of doors, windows, furniture cabinet doors, etc. If the door and window cabinet door is very small but a large handle is not suitable, otherwise the door is large and it is inconvenient to have a small handle

2. Choose according to the style of the handle. The handle style should match with the overall home decoration style. Therefore, when buying, you need to choose the handle of the corresponding style.

3. According to the appearance of the handle. First check the surface color and protective film of the handle for damage and scratches. To judge the quality of the handle, first of all, we should pay attention to the surface treatment. Good handles should feel comfortable.

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