How to install the wardrobe sliding door structure


You need to install the rails first. Some just install […]

You need to install the rails first. Some just install the hanging rails above, and some need to install the rails up and down. Before installing the rails, put the slide rails into the slide and then fix them to the top slot. If it is a wardrobe door, generally It is installed on the door, and the track groove is placed below. Hello, you must first install the track. Some just install the upper hanging rail. Some need to install the track up and down. Put the slide track into the slide before installing the track. Then fix it in the top slot, if it is a wardrobe door, it is usually installed on the door, and a track groove is placed under it. I hope it helps. Closet sliding door installation: Generally, the installation of sliding door is to first put the top into the slot, then lift it up, and put the bottom into the lower slot. It's very simple, just like installing windows, you can try it. Sliding wardrobe sliding door installation: sliding card in the aluminum alloy lower frame, with holes on the side, through adjusting screws, the height of the door can be adjusted. When installing the door, first put the upper part into the upper rail, then press it down (with your hands or paper cards) and slide it into the lower rail. The size of the track box on the upper part of the sliding door must be.

Sliding installation method of wardrobe sliding door

1. Take a frame and lower seal, and fix it with fixing screws; 2. Place the fixed frame on the ground, and then arrange the sliding door panel on the frame; 3. Take another frame and snap it into the arranged sliding door panel, and use Screw the lower seal and the frame; 4. Click into the upper seal, fix it with screws, and fix the upper slide at the same time; 5. After the upper and lower screws are fixed, use the traction screw to fix the slide in the lower seal to complete the installation; 6. Note: When the installation slides, the sliding shrapnel is inward.

What are the steps to install the wardrobe sliding door

The installation method steps of the wardrobe sliding door are as follows. 1. No matter what kind of material the floor is in the room, it must be level, and the four walls of the doorway must be level and vertical. Otherwise, the door will be skewed after installation. The adjustable error is not more than 10mm. 2. Do not stick the skirting line on the wall of the wardrobe. The plaster line can be installed on the sealing board above the closet. If the wardrobe door is designed directly to the top, no plaster line is required. If the floor is covered with carpet, the carpet below 5mm thickness will cut the carpet at the location directly and paste the carpet above the thickness of 5mm on the lower rail. If installing double rails, it can be directly fixed on the carpet with screws. If installing monorail, the carpet at the location must be installed. Cut it off and place a 3-5 mm thick wooden strip in advance on the carpet so that the monorail can be directly pasted on it. ###Wardrobe sliding door installation method steps are as follows: 1. Identify and clean the main components and installation positions of the sliding door. Here you need to pay attention to distinguish the upper and lower track boxes of the sliding door. 2. Generally, the E-shaped track box on the market is on the top, using screws and other hardware accessories, fixed on the top of the wardrobe, and the wardrobe is the surface

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