What to do if the door handle is broken and how to maintain


The handle on the door can not only facilitate the open […]

The handle on the door can not only facilitate the opening and closing of the door, but also beautify the door. Due to the high frequency of use, it will inevitably be broken after a long time. As for the treatment after the door handle is broken, a small number of people will choose not to deal with it, but most people will still replace the door handle. Next, I will teach you: what to do if the door handle is broken and how to maintain the door handle?

What if the door handle is broken?

1. Remove the old door handle first. The anti-theft door handle is removed from the inside of the room. Since the two screws that fix the handle are inside, just remove the screws.

2. The disassembly time is very simple. First open the door, then press the outside with four fingers, press the inside with your thumb, and remove the screw with a screwdriver.

3. Gradually take out the handle after the screw is removed, then use open pliers to open the snap ring on the handle and take out the handle. When doing this step, you must pay attention to safety, and do not rush gradually.

4. Insert the new handle and snap the snap ring. This time is basically completed, and the rest of the process is to install the door on the door, and install the handle to its original position.

5. When installing, you must be patient. Because there is a screw sleeve on the outside handle, the screws must be aligned to install it. The installation is firm. If you feel very expensive, you can find someone to help hold the outside handle. You gradually install it inside, as long as it matches the other one, it's easy to install the other one.

How to maintain the door handle?

1. Clean often

Whether it is the lock body or the door handle, if stains are stained during use, you need to deal with the stains on it in time to avoid corrosion of the door handle or deep into the lock body.

2. Make the necessary protection measures

Due to thermal expansion and contraction, the lock will affect the smoothness of opening, especially in the winter season, when the climate changes are more obvious, and the temperature difference between the surface and the interior is relatively large. If the protection measures are not taken in advance, it will simply cause the door handle to be difficult to open.

3. Use the correct method to close the door

The doorknobs of some friends’ homes broke quickly, many times because they did not use the correct method when closing the door. Generally speaking, when closing the door, you should first hold the door handle, then screw the bolt into the lock body, then close the door before letting go, so as to avoid cracking of the handle due to too much force or incorrect method.

What should I do if I encounter rusty door handles?

1. Polish with sandpaper. This is the easiest way. Buy a piece of sandpaper and polish it on the door handle. If there are many dead spots, it is recommended that you cut the sandpaper into small pieces for rubbing.

2. Apply toothpaste on the toothbrush, and then forcefully clean it on the rusty door handle, which can also remove the rust stains.

3. The steel wire ball used for washing the pot at home can also be used for wiping, but it takes a long time and requires a lot of effort, and the dead spots are not easy to clean up.

4. The use of engine oil can also achieve a certain effect. Coat the door handle with engine oil, let it moisturize for a few minutes, then wipe it with a rag to remove the rust.

5. The toilet cleaner can also achieve this effect. Directly touch the toilet cleaner with an unused toothbrush, and then brush the rusted door handle, it will be clean.

6. Beat the tomatoes into juice, and then it can also be used to sort out the rust. This is better, just after the tomatoes are directly beaten into juice, they can be wiped on a cloth.

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