Introduction of door handle, purchase and installation


The handle is used to install the door to open and clos […]

The handle is used to install the door to open and close the door, and the quality is better than the ordinary handle.

①According to material: single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc .;

②According to the shape: tube, bar, sphere and various geometric shapes, etc ;

③According to the style: single bar, double head, exposed, closed, etc .;

④According to the style: avant-garde, casual, nostalgic (such as rope or hanging beads);

There are many materials for handles, such as carved wood (redwood), but mainly stainless steel, zinc alloy, iron and aluminum alloy, industrial handle materials are mainly stainless steel and zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, nylon, etc. Several kinds of materials, due to the relatively high requirements on the performance and use environment of industrial handles, the requirements for their materials and processing techniques are also relatively strict. Tight stainless steel materials have 201 stainless steel, 306 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. Of course, the performance and quality of industrial handles are far better than ordinary handles.

There are many ways to handle the surface of the handle. According to different materials, the handles have different surface treatments. The surface treatment of stainless steel includes mirror polishing and surface brushing. Color zinc plating), bright chrome plating, pearl chrome plating, matt chrome, hemp black, black paint, etc., we can also do different surface treatments according to customer requirements.

How can I buy a cheap and affordable door handle

1. Adapt to local conditions

When it comes to home improvement, everyone wants to use money on the blade. How to buy a suitable and cost-effective door handle for your new home? In a word, adapt to the local conditions. For example, household doors must be sturdy and secure, and the best certified by the Ministry of Public Security, while indoor doors pay more attention to beauty and convenience. The bedroom door and the living room door are not often closed or locked. You can buy a few times to ensure that the number of switches is less. Generally, 100,000 times are enough, and 200,000 times are a little "oversized." The frequency of switching and locking is relatively high. Buy door handles with better quality and higher switching times. In addition, the purchase of door handles can not ignore the health factors. For example, the bathroom is suitable for installing copper handles. Although the stainless steel door handle looks clean, it actually breeds thousands of germs, including Gram bacteria, E. coli, and streptococcus. Bacteria on brass door handles are much less than on stainless steel door handles, because copper has the effect of destroying bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended that you install brass door handles in the bathroom at home, which is good for health.

Second, accurately identify the difference between importers' handles

High-end imported door handles are divided into a full set of imported and imported accessories domestic assembly, the price is different, should pay attention to distinguish when buying. Furthermore, if the merchant says it is imported, he should be able to issue a customs entry.

3. Recognize the price of the door handle

Pure copper door handles are not necessarily more expensive than stainless steel, depending on the process. Moreover, it is best not to buy a plastic door handle because it is beautiful, because it is not strong enough, and once broken, even the door will not open.

The door handle has a certain service life. If the handle is broken, how can we replace the glass door with a new handle?

Installation steps:

1. First pull the stainless steel door handle to the new door lock piece device, pass the door on the side of this hole, the component of the bolt bolt curve of the anti-theft door, surely guide the surface of the door. The latch is used to fasten the stud attached to the stainless steel handle kit for the panel door. Next is the outer door handle that entered the door and the door extended from the outside. Usually two sleeves, the inner cylinder of the latch hole will be very suitable. Press firmly on the door handle until the cover is tight against the door.

2. Thread the holes of the cover plate in a clockwise direction to the outer door to pull the glove, tighten the screws firmly, and use a Phillips screwdriver. Finally, the impact plate and the screws attached to the kit are securely secured along the curved door frame that curves around the inside of the door frame.

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