How to choose cabinets and hardware accessories


Common cabinet hardware accessories are: hinges, drawer […]

Common cabinet hardware accessories are: hinges, drawer guides, handles, pull baskets, skirting boards, and so on. Usually our master carpenter just made a list to inform us which ones to buy and the required budget amount. How to buy it. How to buy hardware accessories?

(1) Hinge: the connection between the cabinet panel and the cabinet door.

Due to the kitchen cabinet door is opened and closed thousands of times, so the quality of the door hinge is very important. According to the nature of the kitchen cabinet and the accuracy of the door placement, plus the weight of the kitchen door itself, the technical requirements for the raw materials of the cabinet are relatively high. Under normal conditions, hydraulic damping hinges require more use than ordinary hinges. Of course, hinges There are also 3 standards: big bend (also called full cover), middle (also called half cover), and straight arm. The requirements of this standard are based on the actual conditions of the cabinet doors.

(2) Drawer guide rail: The guide rail, also called the slide rail, is one of the important hardware in the kitchen cabinet hardware accessories, and its importance is second only to the hinge.

Pay special attention here: the advantages and disadvantages of the guide rails are not differentiated from the appearance and application methods. The main difference lies in the differences in materials, principles, planning, equipment, and production technology. As long as you pay a little attention, you can pull the drawer to reveal the truth. The best raw material is stainless steel. 

(3) Skirting board: It is attributed to small details, but it cannot be ignored.

Because it is close to the ground, it needs to be protected from moisture. If the ground is very wet, it can swell and become moldy. There are two types of skirting boards: wooden skirting boards and matte metal skirting boards. The advantage of wooden skirting board is lower cost. The defect is easy to become damp. Generally speaking, imported frosted metal skirting boards with waterproof rubber are a relatively better choice.

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