How to choose lock hardware for suit door products


The suit door generally refers to a composite door with […]

The suit door generally refers to a composite door with solid wood as the main material, externally pressed and pasted with MDF as the balance layer, and domestic or imported natural veneer as the veneer, after high-temperature hot pressing, and painted with high-grade environmentally friendly wood paint on the outside , In short, wood is required from the inside out.
The suit door is an important element that reflects the comfort, warmth and safety of the house. Consumers rarely pay attention to the quality of hardware accessories and other details when purchasing indoor suit doors. If the quality is not good, it will not only directly affect the quality of future home life, but also bring safety risks. Therefore, the editor is here to explain the relevant knowledge of hinges for the majority of decoration friends.

The hardware accessories of the suit door mainly include: locks, hinges, sealing strips, door handles and movable slide rails.
Mobile slide rail: It is only used on sliding doors. In the selection of the suit door, the three parts of the lock, hinge and sealing strip are mainly considered.
Sealing strip: Because the combination of the suit door and the door panel is a hard hit between the plates, the instantaneous noise of closing the door is as high as about 120 decibels, which seriously affects physical and mental health. The use of high-strength sealing strip does not react with the paint, ensuring the smoothness of the painted surface. And it also has the characteristics of shock absorption, noise reduction, sealing, sound insulation, and moisture resistance.
Hinge: a three-pronged hinge with high strength, strong load-bearing capacity, convenient disassembly and assembly, flexible opening and closing, and noise reduction is required.
Lock: Set door locks include pull-type door locks, folding door locks, and door locks made of galvanized materials. This door lock is fixed with screws and is easy to install. At present, stainless steel folding door locks are popular in the market. The delicate surface treatment is in full compliance with the noble quality of the door. It is not only a guarantee for home safety, but also a perfect spot for living spaces.

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