The intelligent development of home hardware has become a trend


At present, home hardware can be divided into two categ […]

At present, home hardware can be divided into two categories: ordinary and special according to the settings. The former includes hinges, hinges, and slide rails, while the latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. Among them, hinges, slides, hinges and locks are used most frequently in life, so they are more important. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, more demands and higher requirements have been put forward for hardware accessories.
Take the furniture industry as an example, the quality and grade of furniture are mainly reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. The inconvenience of furniture is largely caused by improper or lack of hardware fittings. There is a common saying in the industry: "As long as there are corresponding hardware accessories, very complex and multifunctional furniture can be made." According to industry insiders, the value of hardware accessories in furniture accounts for 5%, but the operating comfort accounts for 85%. It can be seen the importance of hardware accessories in furniture and home decoration.
In the past, home hardware emphasized its mechanical properties, rust resistance, moisture resistance, and fatigue performance of moving parts. It is understood that today as home improvement is increasingly demanding individuality and integrity, in the field of home furnishing consumption in Chengdu, home hardware must not only meet the above-mentioned functions, but also have an eye-catching decoration and an overall matching with the overall home improvement style. Sex. Take the most common handles. In addition to stainless steel salad handles, there are black, bronze, polished chrome, pearl nickel plus transparent paint on the market. In terms of shape, there are European style, Chinese style, conventional, special-shaped, etc. And so on, can fully meet the diverse needs of consumers.
The intelligentization of home hardware is now a major development trend. Home life is becoming more and more important to individuals, and the requirements for home comfort are getting higher and higher. The lazy lifestyle that people want now requires more and more humanized and intelligent hardware. This is more obvious in the cabinet industry where the hardware use reaches 35%. At present, the electronic smart pump introduced in the field of high-end cabinets abroad has realized the simple design of cabinets "without handle", which is "on the fly". The use of a new type of resistance slide achieves strong load, no rebound, and no leakage of the cabinet drawer, and at the same time extends the service life of the resistance slide. In the integrated bathroom design, automatic water temperature adjustment bathroom accessories, card locks, automatic doors, sensor switches, etc. have also begun to enter each of our lives, providing the necessary conditions for the development of traditional homes in the direction of intelligence.

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