How to install cabinet door handles-installation requirements for cabinet door handles


There are generally two kinds of cabinets, one is a han […]

There are generally two kinds of cabinets, one is a hanging kitchen cabinet, and the other is a desktop kitchen cabinet. The hanging kitchen cabinet is generally relatively high.The door handle should be positioned according to the height of the hostess. The height requirements on the door handle should not exceed the height of the palm when the hostess touches it, or above the cabinet door Inch. The door handle of a desktop kitchen cabinet should be placed on the upper part of the door, preferably in the upper part of the door, or one inch above the door, so that the housewife can easily open the door without having to bend over. . In addition, the upper door handle should be installed in the lower corner of the cabinet, while the lower door handle should be the opposite and should be installed in the upper corner of the cabinet. Not only to meet the requirements of ergonomics, but also for the visual beauty.

The installation position of the door handle of the cabinet also needs to consider these two factors. One is the family's door opening habits, which determines the specific height of the door handle. The second is how beautiful the requirements are. Generally, the desktop door handle installation is It is not necessary to consider whether the location affects the beauty, and the hanging kitchen cabinet needs to consider the beauty of the installation location.

How to install cabinet door handles-How to install cabinet handles

Cabinet door handle hole distance is generally a multiple of 32 mm, the common small 96 mm, and even the largest models, such as 128 mm, 192 mm. The door handle installation steps are usually like this:

1. Measure the installation hole distance of the door handle with a tape measure.

2. Use the door handle to draw down the door panel, and measure the installation position on the (closet or cabinet) door.

3. Select a drill of the appropriate size, plug it in and start the electric drill, and use the drill to drill the cabinet door screw mounting holes.

4. Hold the door handle on the outside, and pass the screws from the inside of the cabinet to the outside.

5. Align the screws with the mounting holes on the door handle and tighten with a screwdriver.

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