Door handle material characteristics and maintenance knowledge used in stainless steel places


The door handle can also be called a door handle, which […]

The door handle can also be called a door handle, which is a kind of door handle tool often used in our lives. There are many types of door handles in homes, hotels and other places where doors can be used, and the materials used in each place are different.

1. Glass door handle
Use place: Mainly installed on the glass doors of shopping malls, restaurants, buildings, etc., for sliding doors.
Material and technology: generally pipe material is low-carbon steel or stainless steel, the pile foot and shuttle head are gray cast iron, the surface is galvanized or aluminum oxide, and the wire drawing process is adopted.
Features: It is characterized by many varieties, beautiful appearance, solid and durable.
2. Door lock door handle
Use place: Mainly installed on the door of apartment and indoor room.
Material and technology: generally made of pure copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
Features: wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, can withstand greater tension, and is durable.
3. Car door handle
Use place: all kinds of car doors
Material and technology: ABS electroplating is generally used.
Features: It is suitable for human hands, and the shape and color of the door handle are coordinated with the car.

In our daily life, stainless steel handles are often used on the glass of our doors. The reason for using stainless steel handles is that they are not afraid of rust. Of course, if they are not maintained, they will be damaged over time and reduce their service life, so we must understand something. The maintenance knowledge of stainless steel handle improves its life.
1. The first point should be paid attention to during installation. The installation time of stainless steel handles should be carried out after the room has been decorated and the site has been cleaned, so as to prevent bumps in the construction process or during cleaning, or the cleaning staff. Acid and alkaline cleaners clean the handle.
2. When cleaning the surface of the handle, please wipe it with a soft dry cloth. When the surface is stained with sweat, grease or dust, you can use a dry cloth dipped in talcum powder to wipe the surface vigorously, and it will be as bright as new.
3. Never use acid-base (corrosive) cleaning agents to clean the handle. This will easily corrode the metal surface and cause oxidation and rust, reducing the service life of the handle.
4. The last thing to pay attention to is the cleaning time. It is best for us to clean the surface of the stainless steel handle every week. This will not only ensure the cleanliness of the stainless steel handle, but also reduce the growth and spread of bacteria caused by our contact.

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