Basic knowledge and selection method of anti-theft door lock core


Consumers often care about the style and price of anti- […]

Consumers often care about the style and price of anti-theft doors, but ignore the essence of anti-theft doors. The lock core is the soul of the anti-theft door lock. There are many types of anti-theft door locks, but there is only one lock core. If it is picked, all the lock points can be opened. Therefore, the quality of the anti-theft lock is the key. When consulting the seller, be sure to understand the part clearly.

There are A-level, B-level, and super-B level lock cylinders on the market. The A-level anti-theft lock keys mainly have a one-word key and a cross key. The internal structure of Class A is very simple, limited to the changes of the marbles, and the marble grooves are few and shallow. Class B lock keys are flat keys with double rows of marble slots. The difference from Class A locks is that the key surface has an extra row of curved and irregular lines. There are three main types of lock cylinders, computer double-row lock cylinders, double-row crescent lock cylinders, and double-sided blade lock cylinders. The shape of the super-B lock cylinder key is a single-sided blade internally milled or externally milled key, and the type is a side column lock cylinder. The structure of the marble is double-row blades and V-shaped side posts to lock; if it is opened with a strong twisting tool, the internal damage will cause self-explosion and lock, resulting in failure to open.

So how should we choose? There are several ways to purchase the anti-theft door lock core:

1. Anti-theft door locks can be distinguished by the number of rows of marbles. Generally speaking, multi-row marble locks are better than single-row marble locks, and multi-row invisible marble locks are better than ordinary multiple rows. Pinball lock.
2. Pick the lock and weigh it by the catty. The weight is about heavier. The better the quality and the more beads inside, the better the anti-theft function.
3. Choose the color and compare the color to the workmanship. Good quality, electroplating treatment, smooth surface and bright color. Among them, the dark yellow color is a copper core, which is firmer and has better anti-theft performance.
4. The anti-theft performance of the key inserted into the card is poor. After the key is half-inserted, use 5 to 7 minutes of force to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise and continue to press the key into the lock. The carded key indicates that the lock core has poor anti-theft performance and is smooth Inserting the lock core in the semi-rotating state shows that the anti-theft effect is good.

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