The reasons for the damage of the lock cylinder and the 9 aspects to pay attention to and how to maintain it


In our lives, we use the lock cylinder improperly to ca […]

In our lives, we use the lock cylinder improperly to cause its damage. I believe that many of our friends have encountered the situation that the door cannot be opened, that is, the lock cylinder does not match the key, or it is rusted. Today I want to share with you the reasons for the damage and the usual attention:
1. Do not get the lock core in the rain. Flush, because there is a small spring inside, which will rust and fail and become inflexible.
2. Don't have a large chain of motorcycle keys, connect them in series. When the motorcycle is running, the key will be shaken and the weight will wear the lock core, and the key will slip out for a long time.
3. When the key is not easy to insert or withdraw, spray some light lubricating oil, (such as w40) the oil that cannot be too thick will not move
4. Some lock cores cannot be refueled, (rarely) such as pearl lock cores  
5. When the door lock does not open or close, spray some lubricating oil on the diagonal tongue.
6. Automatic lock (three sections, four sections, five sections) should have some slight gaps and not too tight, (for example, when unlocking, you need to push the door by hand to open) the lock is easy to break
7. The door gap should not be too large, it is easy to be opened and shaking sound  
8. The anti-theft door has a lattice type, and the anti-theft wire is stretched into the oblique lock handle of the automatic lock to pull the door open.
9. Don't use the key to open the door directly. Turn the key to open the door lock. If the lock core does not return to the original position, pull the key to open the door directly. The lock will break soon.

In the process of using the lock, it is easy to be damaged after a long time. If it is not well maintained, the service life of the lock will be shortened. Here I want to share the use and maintenance methods of locks. I hope to let everyone know more about locks. Let’s take a look now:
1. Always keep the transmission part of the lock body with lubricant to keep its transmission smooth and extend its service life. It is best to check once every six months, and at the same time, check whether the screws are loose to ensure that they are tight.
2. When the lock is in use, regularly (half a year or a year) or when the key is not smoothly inserted, a small amount of graphite powder or pencil powder can be put into the lock core slot to ensure smooth key insertion. Do not add any oil or liquid to it, so as to avoid the grease sticking to the pin spring, causing the lock head to not be able to rotate and not open.
3. Frequently check the fit gap between the lock body and the lock plate, whether the height of the lock tongue and the hole of the lock plate is suitable, and the best fit between the door and the door frame is 1.5mm-2.5mm.
If you find any changes, you should adjust the position of the hinge or the lock plate on the door. At the same time, pay attention to the cold shrinkage and thermal expansion caused by the weather (wet spring, dry winter) to ensure that the gap between the door and the door frame, the lock body and the lock plate is reasonable, to ensure the smooth use of the lock.

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