What material is good for door handle


What material is good for door handle Plastic handle: m […]

What material is good for door handle

Plastic handle: made of plastic, plastic is a synthetic polymer compound {polymer (polymer)}, also known as polymer or macromolecule (macromolecules), is also commonly known as plastic (resin) or resin (resin ), You can freely change the shape style. Plastic handles are produced by injection molding machines. Moulds are designed according to shape requirements. One-shot injection molding can also be used. Zinc alloy parts combination (production of die-casting machines). Appearance can be: spray painting, electroplating, lacquering, etc .. Typical domestic representative of professional production of plastic handle Cangnan County Maoquan luggage accessories factory. (Nomenclature: Injection molding machine is also known as injection molding machine or injection molding machine. It is the main molding equipment for making thermoplastic or thermosetting materials into various shapes of plastic products by using plastic molding dies. It is divided into vertical, horizontal, and all The injection molding machine can heat the plastic and apply high pressure to the molten plastic to make it eject and fill the mold cavity.).

Hardware handle: Traditional hardware products, also called "small hardware". Refers to various metal devices manufactured by forging, rolling, cutting, and other physical processing of metals such as iron, steel, and aluminum. For example, hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware and security supplies. Most hardware products are not final consumer goods. (Hardware notes: [hardware; five metals of gold, silver, copper, iron and tin] five metals. Gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin are hereinafter referred to as hardware products, and they also refer to various metals.)

Wooden handles: Wooden is the majority of the hard fibrous material that forms the stems and branches of trees or shrubs under the bark. In the plant body, the cell wall components of different cells vary greatly, which is the result of the infiltration of various other substances into the cell wall. Common substances are keratin, suppository, wood, and minerals. Wood is hydrophilic and it has a great hardness. Therefore, the lignified wall not only increases the mechanical strength, but also is permeable to water.

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