Precautions for buying stainless steel uprights


1) Q: What materials are available for stainless steel […]

1) Q: What materials are available for stainless steel columns? How to choose?

A: Stainless steel columns are generally made of 201 and 304 materials, and the higher end is made of 316 materials. Of course, we generally use 201 and 304 materials in China, and 316 stair columns are generally used in developed countries, and the price is relatively high, which is rarely used in China.

What is the difference between 201 stainless steel column and 304 material column? We recommend that if the railing is installed indoors, you can choose 201 material, and outdoor use 304 material. Of course, this is not specified, you can choose according to your actual needs, because some engineering projects will specify materials.

Which material has better rust resistance? The 304 material has higher rust resistance than the 201 material, but the price is relatively high.

2) Q: How tall is the stainless steel stair column? How tall should the stainless steel balcony columns be?

Answer: The state has stipulated the height of the stair railings. Generally, the height from the ground to the finish surface of the stainless steel railings is controlled between 900mm and 1000mm. The height of the finished surface of the balcony railing is controlled from about 1050mm to 1100mm. If the staircase or balcony has a water-retaining structure, the customized specifications of the columns can be appropriately reduced.

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