Renovation of old cabinets


How to revitalize old cabinets? 10 years woodworking te […]

How to revitalize old cabinets? 10 years woodworking teacher Fu teach you to renovate old cabinets!

I. Renovation of old cabinets

1. Replace the hardware:

If you still have the original handles and knobs, then it may take time for a complete hardware overhaul.

Fortunately, many crafts and boutiques already own this service and offer a variety of style prices.

Feel free to use these tiny parts to show your personality.

Look for a modern look with stylish cabinet knob and other hardware, or a fun bohemian style.

If paint is like a haircut, then the new hardware is a perfect accessory to highlight your best features!

2. Add window:

Cabinet windows instantly light up your kitchen space and are relatively easy to install. Take measurements of your cabinet doors and buy glass flakes or tiles from a hardware store.

You can arrange a tiled pattern or stick to a sleek, solid look. You can hire someone to cut out your middle cabinet, or you can try the carpentry yourself.

Make sure you have the proper equipment to ensure safety and prevent yourself from injury.

3. Reorganization:

Messy cabinets can make the kitchen redesigned. I remember that the wardrobe in the old cartoon at that moment would open, and the team was full of all kinds of debris. Don't let this happen to you.

Take the time to organize your cabinet space. If you have children, then you should also consider some of the more commonly used kitchen items.

4. Paint or renovation:

Paint work is one of the most underrated design techniques.

Adding new color schemes to your kitchen can completely change the style of your space.

Paint is not the only trick, you can sand and tinker old wooden cabinets can also make a big difference in the overall feel of your kitchen.

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