Features and maintenance of handrail of bronze art staircase


1. The copper art staircase has the characteristics of […]

1. The copper art staircase has the characteristics of combining practicality and artistry. After the completion of the placement, the overall effect is particularly prominent, and when it is complemented with other ornaments, it can present a more elegant and generous character, making the family both modern and rustic . The lines are smooth, simple and unique. The traditional copper art is black and white, which is bright and eye-catching, and fully reflects the beauty of the lines of metal materials, and also has a strong ability to prevent corrosion and oxidation.

2, the staircase handrail is usually a forged product, and the style and shape are all hand-carved. It is a combination of beauty and personality, which is practical and artistic. And can be produced according to customer's creative requirements for products and different specifications and sizes. Some products are treated with hot-dip galvanizing, which can achieve the effect of never rusting.

4. Rich design styles. The styles can be delicate, extensive, concise and complex. They can both express masculine and delicate characteristics, and give full play to the imagination of designers.

Bronze art staircase maintenance introduction

1. The surface of the stairs should be regularly removed from the dust. It is best to use a cotton cloth, dipped in a mild cleaning agent, and gently wipe it. If there is dust in the depression of the armrest, you can use a soft wool brush to brush it off the gap. In order to avoid collision, place the furniture in a place where other hard objects don't often touch, avoid friction between the furniture and the copper staircase, and don't hit it with hard materials. This will make the paint layer shell and chrome layer. Fall off.

2. In case of rainy season, after the rain stops, the water droplets on the surface of the metal furniture should be dried in time. It is best not to place humidifiers and dry clothes around the copper art stairs, while avoiding direct sunlight outside the window to the indoor copper art stairs, in order to prevent the metal from oxidative deterioration or the surface paint fading and cracking and peeling, it can be blocked by dark curtains or shade blinds Direct light coming in.

3. Avoid splashing acidic and alkaline potions, such as sulfuric acid, vinegar, methyline, soapy water, and soda water, which have a corrosive effect on iron. If you accidentally touch them, immediately clean the dirt and wipe them with a dry cotton cloth. In order to prevent the metal from rusting, you can regularly use a cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of anti-rust oil or sewing machine oil to wipe the surface layer, and keep the copper staircase as bright as new. If you find that the furniture has started to rust, you should apply cotton yarn dipped in engine oil to the rust as soon as possible to remove the rust. You can't directly sand the surface with sandpaper and other rough materials.

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