Introduction to the design and style of stair handrail


The stair handrail is an important connection component […]

The stair handrail is an important connection component in the building. When designing, both aesthetics and practicality must be considered.

Design consideration of stair handrail

As a connection between upper and lower floors, stair railings can pass through vertical transportation facilities such as stair railings, elevators, escalators, and ramps. In buildings with elevators and escalators, stair railings must also be installed. The design of the stair railing should be strong, durable, safe, and fireproof, in addition to meeting the requirements of using function and beautiful appearance. The number of stair railings should have sufficient traffic width and the ability to meet fire evacuation; the position between the stair railings should be conspicuous and easy to find, and there should be direct lighting and natural ventilation. The door between the staircase railings should be opened to the direction of evacuation of people, and the ground floor should have a direct exit; when the ground floor staircase railing needs to pass through the hall to reach the exit, the distance between the staircase rail exits should not be greater than the fire evacuation distance.

Stair railings should be designed with spacing, material, height, etc., such as the height of the stair railing handrail, which refers to the vertical distance from the front edge of the step to the top surface of the handrail. The height of the stair handrail is related to the slope of the staircase and the use requirements of the staircase. For a steep staircase, the height of the handrail is shorter. When the slope is gentle, the height can be slightly larger. 900mm is often used at a slope of about 30°; the stairs for children are generally 600mm. For general indoor stairs ≥900mm, usually take l000mm. The length of the horizontal railing on the side of the ladder well is >500mm, its height is ≥1000mm, and the height of the outdoor stair railing is ≥1050mm.

Staircase handrail design style considerations

Stair railing handrails can have a variety of plane layouts according to the plane position and function requirements in the building. The most commonly used stair railing in the building is the double-run stair railing, also known as the double runway stair rail. The stair railing is generally composed of the stair railing section, the rest platform and the railing handrail. One of the key points of the decoration of this type of house is the stair railing, which is not only a connection between "upper" and "lower" in the home, but also a highlight of the owner's personality. At present, many houses usually have prefabricated rough stair railings when they hand over buildings, but they are often incompatible with the decoration of the entire house. The designer said that the design of the stair railing in the residence should consider the three elements of space, material and suitable for the crowd.

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