How to choose handles for cabinets?


For most people, when decorating the kitchen, the focus […]

For most people, when decorating the kitchen, the focus should be on the cabinets, countertops, or entangled in the floor tiles or the floor. As for small things like cabinet handles, decisions are usually made only after the cabinet is decided.

The usual practice is that after the design draft is confirmed, the store will come up with some models for you to choose. I guess Kazakhstan, most people should not be very satisfied at this time, but they can only pinch their noses to recognize. Because if you don’t choose these, you really don’t know where to start re-election.

However, this response has left hidden dangers in kitchen design. Because, if you consider both the process and the production, you will find that a suitable set of handles will make your kitchen look very different.

Another advantage of re-selecting the handle is that compared with other hardware in the kitchen, these small things with handles have a very high cost performance, and can effectively make up for the shortcomings in the cabinet design without spending too much of your budget. Assist cabinets to achieve better decorative effects.

So, today we will talk about how to choose the handle.

1. Determine the style first

Almost everyone knows that the handle must conform to the style, type and color of the cabinet and add to the cabinet rather than subtract. However, in the specific operation, it is not based on the style of the cabinet to imagine, but has its own rules to follow.

First, the types of handles are roughly divided into 4 categories:

Traditions, including Chinese and European traditions; modern; trendy; conservative.

This is the starting point for choosing the handle!

After the classification is completed, you can choose the corresponding type of handle to adapt according to your understanding of your own cabinet. I believe that the probability of success will increase a lot.

There is another situation: for many neutral cabinets, it is difficult to judge the style of the cabinet, then the style should be based on the style of the handle-what type of handle do you like, where will the cabinet become style.

Yes, when the decorative elements in a space are weakened to a certain extent, the handle will play a decisive role.

Second, determine the size and position

The size and position of the handles will also make the kitchen look very different. When determining the size and shape of the handle or knob, you need to balance the overall proportion according to the decorative and functional.

When determining the size of the handle, in principle, the following rules should be followed:

Traditional handles should not exceed one third of the length of cabinets or drawers; drawers with a width of more than 45cm should be installed with at least 2 knobs or 2 short handles; modern design cabinets, handles do not need to follow the above rules, handles can be cabinet doors or The full length or two-thirds of the drawer; the handle is usually placed horizontally on the drawer and vertically on the cabinet door; the handle at the waist height should not be too protruding to prevent clothes from being hung; the knob or handle position should be reasonable, put it down on the cabinet Corner, put the upper corner of the lower cabinet, to be easy to operate.

Three, handle or knob

Large cabinet doors and long drawers require a large pulling force, and a long handle that is easy to hold is the best choice;

Smaller knobs are used in smaller drawers, or in groups of two on long drawers;

The drawer pull cup will add unique charm to the kitchen, especially the Chinese design;

The price of the knob is often cheaper than the handle, and the adaptability is wider, and because they are small, the space occupied on the cabinet door is also small;

The handle is easier to create a sense of design, so if you want to make your kitchen more attractive, then the handle is easier to achieve the effect than the knob;

4. Materials

The handle of the kitchen has been in contact with human hands for a long time, so it must be strong and durable, and it cannot be discolored. Common handle materials are:

Nickel, chromium, silver, tin, brass, bronze, stainless steel, glass/crystal, iron, porcelain, acrylic, etc.

The choice of materials depends on the effect you want to achieve and your preferences. In addition, you should also consider matching with other kitchen facilities, and try to avoid conflicts.

For example, there is a large, shiny, brushed stainless steel refrigerator in the kitchen, so using the same shiny brushed stainless steel handle may make your kitchen more coordinated.

When designing color schemes, the color and texture of the handle should be considered in the plan. For example, if you want to highlight some elements, such as the faucet, shelf, and decoration of the light source, you must not forget to pull the handle at this time.

For cabinets in white or other bright colors, high-contrast designs can be used, such as black matte handles.

The warm-toned cabinets in the kitchen need another match. You can consider using the same color handles, such as gold, black or bronze, etc.;

When using cool-toned cabinets, gray, silver, tin or stainless steel, and black handles are available.

It should be noted that black is a universal color, either modern or traditional, and is suitable for almost all styles. Materials such as brass, due to their outstanding color and texture, perform best in light-colored cabinets.

5. Surface texture

Texture is another important factor in choosing a handle. Understanding the texture of different finishes can make it easier for you to find the right handle.

You can think about the overall design of the kitchen first. Is it modern or more traditional? Rural or fashionable? The handle finish you choose should complement your kitchen design, and not interfere with or disrupt the overall design.

If the kitchen focuses on rustic themes, such as applying a lot of natural wood, when using natural colors, you should consider using old or antique handles to emphasize the theme.

Popular exterior finishes for handles include: polished, antique, worn, paint film, brushed, matt, etc.

If there are naughty children at home, it may be better to use rough or old handles, which can hide wear.

Finally, if a certain style of handle is determined, it is necessary to maintain consistency as a whole.

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