Furniture hardware plays an increasingly important role in life


According to experts from Yitong International Home Fur […]

According to experts from Yitong International Home Furnishing, taking the furniture industry as an example, the quality and grade of furniture are mainly reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. The inconvenience of furniture is largely caused by improper or lack of hardware fittings. There is a common saying in the industry: "As long as there are corresponding hardware accessories, very complex and multifunctional furniture can be made." According to industry insiders, the value of hardware accessories in furniture accounts for 5%, but the operating comfort accounts for 85%. This shows the importance of hardware accessories in furniture. Household hardware can be divided into two categories: ordinary and special according to the settings. The former includes hinges, hinges, and slide rails, while the latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. Among them, hinges, slide rails, hinges and locks are used most frequently in life, so they are more important. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, greater demand and higher requirements have been put forward for hardware accessories.

Home hardware emphasizes its mechanical properties, rust resistance, moisture resistance, and fatigue performance of moving parts. Today, home furnishings increasingly require individualization and integrity. In addition to satisfying the above-mentioned functionality, home furnishings also have to be eye-catchingly decorative and integrated with the overall home furnishing style. Take the most common handles. In addition to stainless steel salad handles, there are black, bronze, bright chrome, pearl nickel plus transparent paint on the market. In terms of shape, there are European style, Chinese style, conventional, special-shaped, etc. And so on, can meet the diverse needs of consumers.

The experts of Yitong International Home Furnishing also mentioned that because the role of furniture hardware on furniture is no longer just the connection of decoration and some moving parts, its functionality is becoming stronger and more extensive, and it is important for furniture manufacturing companies. Improving production efficiency, reducing costs, improving product quality, enhancing competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets, and creating benefits have all played a positive role. With the development and progress of industrial technology, furniture production has evolved from the previous hand-crafted workshop to the current mechanized mass production. Hardware accessories have higher requirements for versatility, interchangeability, functionality, and decoration. The diversification of the base material, the reform of the structure and the increase of the function.

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