Furniture hardware accessories and raw materials must be transformed and upgraded


In recent years, raw material suppliers, whether they a […]

In recent years, raw material suppliers, whether they are manufacturers or distributors, have gradually begun to try to walk from behind the scenes to the front, and have begun to play a certain role in the overall furniture industry through various methods. The EGGER board alliance, including 7 well-known flooring, furniture, and cabinet brands, was initiated and formed by the well-known EGGER board in the industry, using German EGGER board as the standard, aiming to spread the application advantages of high-end board in furniture products . Last year, high-end materials held a number of large-scale forums on the themes of e-commerce, low-carbon, environmental protection, and industry optimization at various furniture fairs last year, which attracted widespread attention in the industry.

At the same time, in some large domestic furniture exhibitions, more and more exhibitors of raw and auxiliary materials have been found, and they have made great progress in terms of exhibition scale, investment, and grade. Some special booths can already compete with furniture exhibitors. The booth is the same.

This has also aroused great attention from exhibition organizers. Many exhibitions will set up separate display areas for raw and auxiliary materials and hold a series of forums and conferences led by raw and auxiliary materials vendors.

Some professionals said that with the help of the state to guide the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry, more and more raw and auxiliary materials manufacturers have begun to increase their emphasis on brand communication. The enthusiasm of everyone to participate in and promote is unprecedentedly high, and promote their new products through e-commerce. Materials, new technologies, etc., and at the same time, the brand image of the company is constantly improving. It can be said that the raw and auxiliary materials industry is no longer an extensive form of existence in the past, but represents the ‘birthplace’ of high-end, sophisticated and cutting-edge furniture industry.

Of course, some large-scale raw material distributors, through long-term cooperation with foreign high-end brand raw material manufacturers, have increasingly felt the power of the brand, the value that the brand brings to the product, and the advantages that the brand brings to the development of the enterprise. This is also one of the reasons why raw material suppliers increase their brand building and communication efforts.

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