Classification and purchase of door handles


Doors are necessary accessories for home improvement. D […]

Doors are necessary accessories for home improvement. Do not look at a small door, even the handle installation of the door is also particular about. Different doors have different handle assemblies. Today, I will introduce how to buy door handles. Let's take a look together. Maybe it will be used in home decoration in the future.

First, the classification of the handle

1.By material

The handle can be divided into many types according to different standards. The most common is by material. The material of the handle is basically a single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, crystal, resin, etc. Common handles are copper handles, zinc alloy handles, aluminum alloy handles, stainless steel, plastic, and ceramic handles.

2, according to style

The handle can be divided into single hole round type, single strip type, double head type, hidden type and other product types according to the style. The decorative effects of different styles of handles are different.

3.By style

Do not underestimate the decorative nature of the handle. Although it is small, it is very conspicuous, and it is also a component that attracts attention easily. Therefore, with the universal pursuit of beauty in modern home furnishings, the styles of handles have become more and more diverse. The handles are divided according to style, mainly including modern minimalist style, Chinese antique style, and European pastoral style.

4.According to surface treatment

There are many ways to handle the surface of the handle. Different handles of different materials have different surface treatments. The surface treatment of stainless steel is mirror polishing, surface drawing, etc .; the surface treatment of zinc alloy materials is generally galvanized (white plating, color zinc plating), bright chrome plating, pearl chrome plating, matte chrome plating, hemp black, black Paint etc.

5, according to common specifications

The common specifications of the handle are divided into single-hole and double-hole handles. The length of the double hole handle is generally a multiple of 32. The hole distance (the distance between the two screw holes of a handle is not the actual length, the unit is mm) as the standard, divided into: 32 hole distance, 64 hole Distance, 76-hole distance, 96-hole distance, 128-hole distance, 160-hole distance, 192-hole distance, 224-hole distance, 256-hole distance, 288-hole distance, 320-hole distance and other common specifications.

Second, the purchasing skills of the handle

1.Handle size selection

Handle selection, you first need to consider the handle and the size of doors and windows, furniture cabinet doors and so on. If the doors and windows are small, it is not suitable to have a large handle. Conversely, if the door is large, it is not convenient to have a small handle.

2.Handle style selection

The handle style should match the overall home decoration style. Therefore, when buying, you need to choose the handle of the corresponding style. Broadly speaking, the copper handle is hard and retro, suitable for European-style furniture; the ceramic handle reflects the classic Chinese style, suitable for Chinese classical or rural furniture; the stainless steel handle after processing is resistant to corrosion 2, very good scratch resistance, suitable for modern furniture.

3. Look at the appearance of the handle

First check the surface color and protective film of the handle for damage and scratches. The quality of the handle is judged first from the surface treatment. A good sanding handle should have a relatively dull color and give a stable feeling; the dividing line of the half-sand in the place where the light and sand meet, should be straight. The curved lines are obviously inferior; while a good bright handle should be a color reflection like a mirror, bright and transparent, without any flaws.

4, try to feel hand

Good handle, it should feel very comfortable. Therefore, when buying, you can try to see if the surface treatment is smooth, pull it up smoothly or not; the edge of a good handle should have been smoothed, there is no stubble sticking, cutting hands.

5.Listen to the sound of the handle

Some unscrupulous manufacturers on the market, cut corners, and filled cement or soldering iron or sand and gravel in the handle tube, giving a heavy feeling to lie to consumers. Distinguish the inferior handle from the sound. Tap the handle tube gently with a hard tool. The handle sound of the thick tube should be relatively crisp, while the thin tube is more dull.

6, check the area around the screw hole

When choosing a handle, you need to pay attention to it. It is best to choose a handle with a larger area around the screw hole. Because the smaller the area around the handle screw hole, the more accurate the handle hole hit on the board is required, otherwise, a slight deviation will cause the handle hole to be exposed. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, you need to pay attention to check whether the area around the screw hole of the handle is too small when purchasing.

7. Select brand certification

Famous brand, of course, the quality is excellent. Therefore, when buying, it is best to choose reputable brand products. In addition, in the current building materials market, high-end door handles are mostly imported. Imported handles are usually more design-oriented, good in texture, and relatively expensive. If you choose a handle for import, you can ask to see the import certificate of the product to prevent the fish from being confused.

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