Characteristics and selection of aluminum alloy door handle


Aluminum alloys can be kept from rusting for a long tim […]

Aluminum alloys can be kept from rusting for a long time. There is no need to spend human and material resources for surface maintenance every year, and it will not rust in humid, high acid and alkali air. For the decoration of the owner, choosing new decoration materials can avoid the trouble caused by rework.

The overall linear appearance is good-looking, soft colors, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, can integrate modern urban space and natural environment, let you swim in between. Exquisite smooth surface, the unique advantages of aluminum can be applied to a variety of different surface polishing techniques, the more common are paint, powder coating, anodizing, electrophoresis. The smoothest powder coating protects against UV light and does not require frequent maintenance to maintain a bright gloss for a long time. The powder coating is durable and available in a variety of colors.

The surface of the aluminum alloy door handle is tightly attached to a layer of hard aluminum oxide film, and then surface treatment such as paint or powder can further enhance its protective performance. Therefore, it has a strong corrosive property. You can use it with peace of mind in urban or sea salt corroded coastal areas, to solve your worries about maintenance.

Pay attention to purchase:

1. First of all, to understand the needs of the door handle wholesale, buy it according to the actual needs, and judge according to the actual use environment. If the weather is not good, the handle must have a certain ability to resist pressure and corrosion. Can have a certain service life.

2. Secondly, pay attention to relevant price issues when selecting aluminum alloy handles. In the selection process, you must make judgments based on the price in your heart and related content. Do not buy products that are too cheap, and some manufacturers may increase sales. And reduce the price, increase the sales of goods, try to choose relatively high-quality products, so as not to affect the use of effects in home decoration.

2. The durability of the door handle is also the focus of the selection. It needs to meet the basic use functions. The design and craftsmanship of the handle will affect its use effect. Pay attention to the selection, choose good accessories, and use it. Also pay attention to the maintenance of accessories.

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