All shoppers need to know about cabinet door handles


When you enter the market for cabinet door handles, fin […]

When you enter the market for cabinet door handles, finding the right choice in the ocean of choices can be challenging. The amount of material available soon becomes uncontrollable, making the choice seem almost endless.

Cabinet door handles are available in a variety of classic metal finishes, including but not limited to brass, bronze, chrome and nickel. In addition, you must choose the correct finish, usually from one of the following:

· Antique

· Brushed

· Light

If you prefer something other than metal, you still have many options to deal with. Cabinet door handles can be made of acrylic, ceramic, wood and more materials, so there is something suitable for almost any taste and budget.


Many shoppers prefer metal cabinet knobs. Not only can they serve as an aesthetic element, but they also have incredible durability, ensuring that they can withstand years or even decades of use. When you are looking for a metal knob, first determine whether you want to warm or cool the metal. Warm colors include any color in the yellow, orange, or red spectrum. Both brass and bronze tend to have gold-toned bases, while copper may tilt orange or red. In retro, brass, bronze and copper usually appear more brown. On the cool or neutral side, you will find nickel and chromium, which have a silver tone, whether it is brushed, polished or retro. Iron cabinet door handles are usually black or very dark gray, making them very neutral.

Metal finish

In terms of surface treatment, most metal cabinet door handles are polished, brushed or retro. Because the surface reflects a lot of light, the polished metal is very shiny. The brushed finish is usually slightly softer, because the subtle stripes prevent the light from rebounding strongly from the metal. The vintage finish is designed to mimic natural aging. In some areas, the metal tends to darken, while in other areas it will show up. When the handle has a complicated pattern cut into metal, the crack is separated from the raised portion of the pattern by using color, so that the design stands out.

Alternative materials

Although metal may be the most widely used material for cabinet door handles, it is certainly not the only option. You can find finished, unfinished and painted wooden knobs, which is an ideal choice if you want the handle to be integrated with the cabinet door. Glass, acrylic and artificial crystal designs are also quite easy to find. These usually use transparent materials to give the knob extra shine and brightness, and you can find a variety of colors to suit your taste.

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