The price of custom furniture is high and low, hardware accessories, etc. often need to increase prices


Appearance material determines the price The materials […]

Appearance material determines the price

The materials used in furniture are not only related to appearance, but also closely related to quality. Different materials will have different prices. At present, the common materials in the custom market are particleboard, fiberboard, joinery wood board, multi-layer board and solid wood board. Take the one-shaped, three-door custom wardrobe as an example. The price of about 5,000 yuan is mostly made of particleboard and fiberboard. General hardware parts and ordinary door panels (without excessive shapes and designs); and the main difference between the price of 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan is the door panel and hardware accessories, the basic material is the same, but the use of pure solid wood with simple design and no shape is also available In this price range; most of the solid wood wardrobes whose prices are more than 10,000 yuan are exquisite in shape and design.

In addition, the shape and style of the cabinet body and the door are different, the materials used are also different, and the price will change. Cheng Jiang Tao outside the city gave an example and analyzed that MDF is suitable for door panels because of its relatively uniform internal structure, good surface flatness and easier modeling, while particleboard has a relatively compact structure and low water absorption, which is more suitable for cabinets. After visiting custom brands such as Opal, Sophia, Shangpin Home Delivery, Sineman and other custom brands in the store, I learned from its sales staff that consumers tend to prefer decorative doors, such as paint, glass, and shutters. , Leather, etc., decorative door panels are more convenient in the production process and processing time, and the price will be more expensive.

The inner partition material is very knowledgeable

When choosing a customized wardrobe, consumers’ attention is mostly focused on the cabinet body and door, while the attention on the interior of the cabinet is mostly on the structural aspects, such as adding or removing clothes rails, drawers, decorative mirrors, etc. There is relatively little understanding and consultation. Consumers once reported to the Beijing Morning News that the materials of the custom-made wardrobe cabinets are different from the inner partitions. In this regard, a reporter from the Beijing Morning News consulted with business and industry experts.

Yao Gang, the general manager of Opal Beijing Branch, said that generally speaking, the material of the internal partition should be the same as that of the cabinet. From the perspective of the enterprise, keeping the material consistent can improve efficiency. The relevant person in charge of Sineman explained that each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and different materials can be used according to different parts, but the premise is to meet the requirements of consumers and is based on full communication with consumers. . Cheng Wai Cheng Jiang Tao stated that if consumers do not have clear requirements, the inner partition can be made of materials different from the cabinet body on the basis of meeting the load-bearing capacity, but consumers must be clearly indicated. In addition, some materials are not suitable for linking. For example, MDF is not easy to deform and is not suitable for three-piece links; and the structure of particleboard with tight sides and loose middle is more suitable.

Hardware accessories often need to increase

When consumers choose custom wardrobes, they focus more on material selection, asking about styles, styles, and materials, but seldom ask about detailed hardware accessories, and salespeople seldom tell consumers the budget price Which brands and models of hardware accessories are included, which will easily cause conflicts and disputes in the future.

Huang Dakang, an expert consultant in the Beijing Morning Post, told consumers from personal experience that hardware accessories must not be ignored. Don't look at a small item worth tens of dollars. The accumulation is a large sum. During the visit, the reporter asked about the hardware accessories of the customized products. The salespersons of Oupai, Sophia, and Shangpin Home Delivery will recommend the corresponding styles according to the needs of customers, and the budget prices they quoted are mostly for ordinary hardware accessories. . If consumers have to replace or upgrade, some of them need to be charged. Cheng Wai Cheng Jiang Tao stated that in fact, consumers are clearly told that they need to charge extra for replacement or upgrade of hardware accessories. Consumers are not disgusted or rejected. What really causes disputes or dissatisfaction with consumers is that the merchants clearly ask for extra charges, but do not inform consumer. Therefore, when consumers consult and sign contracts, they must understand clearly about hardware accessories: which are included, which require additional charges, and how the charges are calculated, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

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