Is it necessary to install indoor bay window guardrails?


The indoor structure is now a floor-to-ceiling window. […]

The indoor structure is now a floor-to-ceiling window. Needless to say, when decorating, pay attention to the installation of window guards. Some precautions need to be taken to prevent someone from falling from here. Some people say that there is no need to install window railings. Just be careful, usually not The question is, who will have nothing to do, but you can’t avoid accidents. If you have time, you need to install bay window guardrails. Here is an explanation for you.  
1. Assess the necessity of indoor guardrail installation  
1. Children   
(1) The child is more naughty. He doesn't know what the risk is. As long as he encounters it, it is too expensive and risky. This is still a problem of release,   
(2) If there is no guardrail, the child may fall, because of strong curiosity and love to play, climb, and climb everywhere, it is very easy to have an accident,   
2. Passerby   
(1) Sometimes I will see a passerby suddenly drop some debris from the top of his head and enter the hospital directly. You don’t want to be so sad and life is more fragile. You have to protect it,   
(2) In addition to installing indoor guardrails, measures must be taken to prevent flower pots and debris from falling, so as to avoid casualties,   
3. The elderly   
If there is no guardrail, it is a risk for the elderly. They need to open the windows to dry the clothes and move the flower pots. Because of the slow movement, if they are unstable, they are very simply problematic. If they can attract attention,   
Second, the height details of the indoor guardrail device position  
1. Before installing the bay window guardrail, in addition to the formal installation process, you must also refer to the country's relevant safety guardrail regulations. Generally speaking, there must be 1.05 meters to avoid some damage,   
2. Regarding the balcony railings of low-rise and multi-storey residences, the net height should be greater than or equal to 1.05m. This is the bottom line size and cannot be adjusted at will.   
3. Regarding the balcony of middle-to-high-rise and high-rise residences, the railing coverage should also be appropriately high, generally around 1.10m,   
4. Balcony railings should be planned to prevent children from climbing. The distance between the vertical bars of the railing is about 0.11 meters to prevent children from drilling holes and avoid falling when placing flower pots.

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