How to choose a wardrobe handle?


How to choose a wardrobe handle? Now small and medium-s […]

How to choose a wardrobe handle? Now small and medium-sized just-needed apartments are popular. In order to make reasonable use of every inch of space in the home, many young people will choose a whole house custom wardrobe. The wardrobe is a big piece in the home, and it is also a very important sheet furniture in the bedroom. Once the wardrobe is done, it is difficult to replace, so it must be strong and durable. Therefore, when we are making a whole house custom wardrobe, not only the plates must be selected, but the hardware must be selected, and many small details must be considered. For example, the handle of the wardrobe. Although the whole house custom wardrobe handle is a less important part, the handle is used very frequently, and it is embedded in the wardrobe, which also has a certain decorative effect. A beautiful and sturdy handle will greatly enhance the quality of the whole house custom wardrobe.

What are the highlights of a perfect customized wardrobe? Everyone knows that a customized wardrobe must not only be beautiful, but also be able to coordinate with the home. Then the matching of the customized wardrobe sliding door and hardware accessories is very important, especially the wardrobe handle is the wardrobe The most important manifestation of appearance. Today, I will explain to you how to buy a wardrobe handle. I hope it will be helpful to you.

   1. Choose well-known brands

   If you want to choose a good handle, you must first of all choose well-known brand products (custom wardrobe). Most high-end door handles are imported. Imported handles usually have a sense of design, good texture, and relatively expensive. If you choose domestic wardrobe handles, many of them are due to limited budgets, so consumers can choose a satisfactory handle as long as they do a few points.
 2, look at the color

   When buying a wardrobe handle, you should first look at the color of the handle surface and whether the protective film is shiny, whether there are protective films and scratches. For example, a good sanding wardrobe handle should be slightly dim in color but not looking old; the dividing line of half sand should be straight where the light and sanding meet, if the line is distorted Is obviously defective;

  3, look at the feel

   A high-quality wardrobe handle, it will feel very comfortable in use. Therefore, when purchasing, you can try to feel it to see if the surface treatment is smooth, and it is not smooth to pull; the edge of a good handle should be smoothed without cutting your hands.

  4, listen to the sound

   Use a hard tool to tap the handle tube lightly. The sound of the wardrobe handle with thick tube should be more crisp, while the thin tube is more dull, so you can distinguish whether it is inferior.

   5. Check the area around the screw hole

   Wardrobe handles should pay attention to one point in the selection. A handle with a larger area around the screw hole is generally better. Because the smaller the area around the screw hole of the handle, the more precise the handle hole punched on the board is required, otherwise, a slight deviation will cause the handle hole to be exposed. Therefore, in order to prevent this situation, you need to pay attention to check whether the area around the handle screw hole is too small when purchasing.

  6, choose the brand certification

  Pay attention to choosing the wardrobe handles of big brands. The quality is of course high-quality, so first choose reputable brand products. Nowadays, there are many imported accessories in the building materials market, and most of the high-end door handles are imported. Imported handles usually have a sense of design, good texture, and relatively expensive. When choosing, you can ask to see the import certification documents of the product, so as to prevent the business from getting mixed up.

   The above content on how to purchase the wardrobe handle is shared here. The wardrobe handle can be said to be the finishing touch of the whole wardrobe. If you use a crude wardrobe handle, it is not only easy to damage, but also reduces the quality of the wardrobe. The details reflect the quality, and the handle of the whole house custom wardrobe cannot be ignored.

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