Hardware accessories companies need to pay attention to lock maintenance


Although the lock is a small hardware accessory, it is […]

Although the lock is a small hardware accessory, it is included in the door and window hardware accessories, but it plays a vital role in daily life, so pay attention to how to maintain it. The following is a summary of some maintenance methods for decorative hardware locks:

1. When the door lock does not open or close, spray some lubricating oil on the diagonal tongue.

2. Some lock cores can't be refueled, such as pearl locks. 3. The door gap should not be too large, it is easy to be opened and shake.

4. When the key is not easy to insert or withdraw, spray some light lubricating oil, the oil that cannot be too thick will not move.

5. The anti-theft door has a lattice type, and the anti-theft wire is inserted into the diagonal lock handle of the automatic lock to pull the door open.

6. Don't get the lock in the rain. Flushing, because there is a small spring inside, it will rust and fail and become inflexible.

7. Don't use the key to open the door directly. Turn the key to open the door lock. If the lock core does not return to the original position, pull the key to open the door. The lock will soon protest and say goodbye to you.

8. Don't have a large bunch of keys for the locomotive. They should be connected in series. When the locomotive is running, the key will wear out and the key will slip out if the key shakes and adds weight.

9. The automatic lock is easy to break.

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