Cabinet hardware enters the era of intelligence, the new trend of the development of the cabinet industry


Promoting the development of the cabinet industry Accor […]

Promoting the development of the cabinet industry According to industry insiders, hardware accessories do not account for a high proportion of the overall value of the cabinet, but to a large extent determine the comfort of the cabinet. In recent years, consumers have increasingly improved the quality of life at home, which has provided the cabinet hardware industry with greater living space and development opportunities.

   "Intelligence is a major development trend of home hardware." As automatic doors, sensor switches, card locks, etc. begin to enter people's lives, it provides the necessary conditions for the development of home intelligence. "The lazy lifestyle people want now requires more and more humane and intelligent hardware." The utilization rate of cabinet hardware has reached 35%, so this will be more obvious in the cabinet industry.

  Foreign high-end cabinets have always been at the forefront of the industry. Its first electronic smart drawers have realized the simple design of cabinets without handles, which is about to happen. The use of new damping and sliding rails realizes strong load, no rebound, and no leakage of cabinet drawers, while prolonging the service life of damping and sliding rails. This proves more powerfully that the cabinet hardware is gradually becoming intelligent.

"Cabinet hardware accessories, the development trend of intelligence, have contributed to the cabinet industry, and hardware accessories have also brought possibilities to the impossibility of real life." Industry insiders said that my country's cabinet hardware companies must continue to make breakthroughs, fight with the trend, and guide the cabinet industry. Healthy and sustainable development.

   The cabinet hardware industry needs to build a leading brand of cabinet hardware, which is related to the overall quality of the cabinet. In foreign countries, the quality of hardware has become a direct basis for judging the quality of cabinets, but our country has not received enough attention from many consumers. The reason is that China's cabinet hardware industry has not formed a true leading brand.

   Although the cabinet hardware follows the whole, the cabinet hardware still needs to have its own brand. If domestic brands want to occupy a dominant position or even dominate the domestic appliance industry, brand power is the key, and brand operation is the only way.

"The key is to change the previous practice of focusing on consumption and neglecting the brand, and to strengthen brand operations. We must start with product quality and service in order to obtain its due market position." Insiders believe that "any product can only be achieved with a complete service system. Make it to promote the development of enterprises and improve the competitiveness of products. Only by creating a good reputation in the hearts of consumers, the brand can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people."

   In recent years, the cabinet hardware industry has experienced several twists and turns, and many companies have begun to focus on brand promotion. The view that "brand power is sales power" is slowly accepted by cabinet hardware companies, but there is still a long way to go to "really become a brand that can influence China's cabinet hardware industry."

   cabinet hardware companies also need to work hard to build their brands and strengthen their promotion in the national market. Only through continuous exploration can we find the direction of the industry.

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